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Baby Quasar gives a new definition to skin care, using LED technology to erase fine lines and wrinkles and render the skin acne-free --- right at home, or any place you can be comfortable. Baby Quasar products:

  • Are hand-held equipment that make use of LED technology plus SequePulse technology for faster and more effective results
  • Use multiple wavelengths which, besides promote collagen, also facilitate blood flow and improve circulation
  • Are designed specifically to fight acne and the signs of ageing
  • Are convenient and easy to use
  • Come with a five-year warranty

By all these, Baby Quasar hopes to bring Spa treatment right into your home, practically eliminating the need for expensive treatments in skin care clinics.

Baby Quasar: What makes it different?

Baby Quasar is certainly no baby when it comes to delivering on its promise of “bringing Spa right in your home”. Baby Quasar offers fast and effective solutions to various skin problems through the power of the light. Baby Quasar products:

  • Are easy and convenient to use.
  • Are durable, being made with the highest quality of aluminum.
  • Have a five-year warranty.
  • Can be shipped in the US for free.
Baby Quasar vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Baby Quasar)

Another site that offers products similar to Baby Quasar is Tanda Skin Care. Tanda also offers hand-held devices that use red or blue light to treat various skin problems. However, Baby Quasar looks to beat its rival Tanda in several respects:

  • Baby Quasar users multiple wavelengths plus the SequePulse technology, which should make the products more effective and yield faster results than Tanda.
  • Baby Quasar offers free USPS ground shipping within the US; Tanda offers free ground shipping in North America only for items above $100.
  • Baby Quasar offers a 5-year warranty; Tanda customers are offered just a one-year warranty.
Baby Quasar: Product images & screenshots
Baby Quasar Coupons
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Baby Quasar: Detailed review

LED technology has been around for quite some time, and the idea is not alien to skin care, either. Salons and beauty clinics have been using this technology, as a matter of fact, but as beauty treatments become more expensive and inconvenient, people are starting to search for cheaper, but no less effective, alternatives.  Baby Quasar has developed products to address two of the most common skin care concerns – acne and ageing. Inspired by the “light”, Baby Quasar are mini equipment designed especially for home use. Baby Quasar products:

  • Use multiple wavelengths of red light to fight ageing by stimulating the production of more collagen and facilitating blood flow and circulation, essentially reducing fine lines, wrinkles, age-related hyper-pigmentation, and big pores, among others.
  • Use multiple wavelengths of blue light to fight acne by effectively killing acne-causing bacteria, stopping it dead on its tracks.
  • Use SequePulse technology to control the impact the use of multiple wavelengths may have
  • May be used on inflamed skin.
  • Are safe, chemical-free, and non-invasive.
  • Are durable. The devices are made of the best kind of aluminum giving would-be users assurance that their devices are going to last a long time.
  • Come with a 5-year warranty.

Baby Quasar products are rated highly by many customers for their effectiveness, but the price is another story. While they may cost less than going to salons month after month, they still require an investment that may not be very friendly to the pockets of Class C customers.

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