Different Ways To Lighten Your Skin Tone

The first thing to keep in mind when trying to bleach or lighten your skin is that it's not the same as bleaching a stain out of a tablecloth. You have to be very careful to use the right combination of chemicals to get an effective result without causing

You may or may not realise, but there are a lot of famous people who have been using skin whitening creams or bleaching treatments to make their skin tone lighter. 

Some of the famous Hollywood celebrities who bleach their skin include Beyonce, Rihanna, Michael Jackson, and many others, especially African Americans. 

It's not just a new trend though, it's been a cultural thing for years in Africa and Asia. It's seen as being more beautiful for women to have light skin, because it shows that they have higher breeding, or it's a status symbol, because they don't get a dark tan from working out in the fields all day. 

It's also been popular in the west, such as in medieval England. Queen Victoria for example used a powerful bleaching powder on her face, which many people say poisoned her. 

There are poisonous substances for sale on the internet today, particularly from Asia and Africa that you have to be wary of, as a lot of those products contain mercury.

You should only buy a product once you know what is in it, and that means you first have to a little research on what skin lightening chemicals are safe to use, and which aren't. 

Active Ingredients In Skin Lightening Creams

There are many different ways to bleach your skin, and you have to be careful to avoid anything that has mercury in it, or hydroquinone is another chemical that has terrible side effects when used long term. 

You cannot trust that a substance will work if you swallow it, because it's more than likely just going to make you very sick, and bleach your insides. In fact almost certainly. 

The other thing is, you will not want to buy a substance that just has a little bit of fruit juice in it as the active ingredient. Vitamin C has been shown to have some effect on lightening the skin, but it doesn't produce really dramatic results, it's quite a weak thing, and diluted in fruit juice, and in a cream, it would have no effect at all. 

What you want to look for is a cream with either arbutin, glycolic acid, kojic acid, or something that has no harmful side effects. You can take a look on the Wikipedia page to see all the most well known skin whitening chemicals, and descriptions of what they do. 

You may possibly find home remedies for skin whitening that work, or you may possibly find cheap products from Asia that work without harmful side effects and for a cheap price, but generally speaking, you want to avoid those, and find a trusted, established country in the west, as they have to stick to FDA regulations, which are more stringent. 


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