Drinking Water to Improve Your Complexion


Many believe it is a myth. If you drink a lot of water everyday your complexion will be clearer. Yet hydration is the key to healthy skin. I recommend you conduct an experiment. Two to three weeks is what you will need. After all it is such a short period of time in order to look younger and healthier at a reasonable cost.

Did you know the face is the determining factor when it comes to how old we look? For most of us the skin on the face ages faster than other parts of the body. The face is exposed to the elements setting up what is called the timeline features. Those lines which makeup our expressions are like the hands on a watch.

Have you ever wondered why the soothsayers in the carnival hardly ever lose when proclaiming they can guess your age within five years? It is because they are trained to read the timelines on the face.

Perhaps you think this fix (Drinking Water) is too simple. After all why doesn’t the cosmetic industry or dermatologist give advice about how to properly hydrate the skin by just drinking more water? They probably prefer to sell or proscribe various applications like expensive creams and cleansing soaps. Profit on the one hand is a strong motivator especially if the improved results are demonstrable.

There is always a hesitation to point a figure. Yet besides these expensive concoctions there is another bone to pick with the cosmetic industry because the industry is perhaps culpable and at the root of many a one night-stand!

So often when a guy meets a beautiful woman and courts her for days, for weeks or months depending on her skills she can be very astute with enhancing her looks with beauty products. Men fall in love with the cosmetic version of the woman they are dating. Then when the relationship becomes intimate sooner or later the makeup has to come off. I pity the man who shows his shallowness and begins to lose interest because the woman behind the makeup is totally different than what essentially is the natural appearance.

Ladies don’t get upset. This article is for men too. At least women are able to put on the mask and take it off. In the case of men the looks are not there in the first place or the natural appearance overtime gets neglected. The skin is living, growing and rejuvenating and most vibrant when we are young. It may take longer but none the less women can feels shortchanged or trapped in the relationship when men fail to take care of their looks too.

Long have women understood the benefits of a good moisturizer. So how does hydration help? When the skin is hydrated properly it is much easier to shave. Especially men with very coarse beards, do you really think most woman like or want our rough and rugged faces scraping against theirs.

Why do you think children prefer to be hugged and cuddled by mom and push daddy’s face away? Rough skin is naturally repulsive. Along with the roughness generally comes blotchy, scaly and ashy.

So how can woman feel more confident to tone down the makeup and guys reduce skin irritation in order to shave more often? The answer is a basic improvement in appearance essentially where both sexes can develop and take advantage of natural facial grooming, simply by drinking lots of water. What harm can it do?

Yes at first you might find yourself going more often. But this is not necessarily a bad thing. Of course the increase intake of water is going to affect each of us differently. Like everything else the body has a way of adjusting. At first it may feel like your flushing your system and essentially you are. In the long run your organs, (The skin is an organ too.), bones and cardiovascular system are going to thank you.

Here is the proposal but first lets hope you are not an alcoholic, a coffee or cigarette addict. If for some unfortunate reason you fall into one or all off these categories it would be highly recommended to seek treatment to solve those ills first. However in the event you believe in moderation as a credo than the suggestion is drink a minimum of 72 ounces a water per day. If you say you already drink this amount of water and your complexion is still unhealthy. Then perhaps seeking professional medical advice would not be such a bad idea. But for the majority, if you increase your water intake to a minimum of 72 ounces per day; after two to three weeks if you stick to it you are going to see a consistent improvement in your complexion.

For those of you who are not big on drinking water and are wondering how you can manage this program, it is easy. Think of it as, taking your medicine. It is prescribed three times a day. Drink 24 ounces when you get up or take it with your morning meal. Drinking another 24 ounces in the middle of the day or with lunch and finally drink another 24 ounces with your evening meal or before you go to bed. Remember this is the minimum amount.

Also, purchase a water purifier like a Britta. Don’t get pulled into these e-water machines or the need to buy cases of bottle water. They are expensive ways to go. Not saying they are bad. Just saying it’s not necessary for what is being proposed here. Plus our landfills have enough plastic in them.

Investing in a purifier can be as inexpensive as $8.00. They last about a year. Improving ones complexion and increasing ones confidence, you could not make a more reasonable investment and get a better return.


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5 Ways to Use Lime As Skin Care for Your Face, Hair, Knees, Arms, and Hands

Learn the health benefits of limes, including lime juice and the skin of a lime. Limes can help anything including acne, pimples, skin, hair and arthritis.

Do you love lemonade, or lime juice?  Do you know that there are other things a small lime can do to you?  Hmmm, let me think?  You use it for your marinate.  You also use it for your broth when you cook pork or fish and you want a sour broth, am I right?  But, is that all a lime can do to you?  NO! 

At night, you can apply the lime juice unto your face. Cut it into two, squeeze it, you can put a small amount of oatmeal, mix them together and apply it to your face.  You can leave it for 30 minutes then wash it, no soap just water.  You can do it alternately. It would not leave your skin dry but smoothen it.

Since limes have antibiotic properties, lime can also help with acne and pimples. The juice of a lime can help inhibit the growth of the bacteria that causes acne, and cleanses the skin of bacteria. Making a pack with lime juice and honey can be very useful with the treatment of acne and pimples. The using of honey is because honey has antibacterial properties. Since lime also contains astringent properties, limes can also tighten the skin and reduce the production of oil that also can cause acne and pimples.


Having problems with your knees? Is it darker than your skin tone? Cut a lime into two, and then rub each halves to your knees.  You can do it anytime, before taking a shower or even if you are watching TV, but do not forget to rinse it if you do not want a dry skin.  

You do not want to use shampoo on your hair everyday.  You can use the lime skin. Rub it to your hair before you take a bath.  You can do it an hour before bathe.  It will leave your hair smooth and silky. 

Another one that is amazing with this tiny little lime is you can use it to whiten your armpit. You do not have to go to a salon or derma experts or undergo skin whitening surgical processes or whatsoever.  You can do it in your own home.  Cut the lime into halves (it is understood), rub the lime unto your pit (rub it gently so it won't hurt your skin).  Leave it for 30 minutes.  Do it before taking a shower or a bath. 

In the kitchen, you can use lime as hand sanitizer or deodorizer. After cooking or after doing the dishes (if you do not have dishwasher), you can squeeze one lime.  Put it in a small bowl and wash your hands with the pure lime juice, then you can wash your hand with water (no need for a hand soap or soap bar).


As you can see, limes, the skin and the juice can help with many types of skin and health problems, anything from skin, hair, skin blemishes and much more.

You saved money yet you still feel good yourself.  Hope this helps a little.

Understanding The Types Of Indoor Tanning Lotions: Accelerators, Maximizers, Anti-aging, And More

Learn about the different types of tanning lotions to use with tanning beds, and the dangers of tanning beds.

So you make a trip down the local tanning salon only to find that you need a PhD to select a tanning lotion? Of course the workers at the salons are suppose to know what works best but lets face it, sometimes they just dont know. Then you spend a fortune on a bottle of lotion that is a huge disappointment. Of the hundreds available, these are the most common features found in indoor tanning lotions and a description of what it does. All lotions do not contain all of this properties and the bottle should be labeled with which ones it does contain.

Accelerators: These are level one tanning products for people just beginning the indoor tanning process, designed to help people achieve a based tan. These usually contain a large amount of moisturizers because moisturized skin tans much better, faster and has the ability to hold tan longer.

Maximizers: These are level two tanning products for people who have reached a base tan and want to continue tanning. Unlike accelerators, maximizers do not contain high levels of moisturizers. For this reason it should only be applied directly before starting a tanning session.

Tingle: This is a special type of lotion that many refer to as a level three product however, some companies have different methods of naming the levels of their products. Usually found in maximizers it contains chemicals that cause reddening and increase blood flow to the skin. Available in heated and cooled. It speeds up the repair process of skin causing it to tan faster. Tingle can be very uncomfortable for many people although use over time does build up a tolerance to it. This should not be used on sensitive skin and some people are just simply not able to tolerate it.

Bronzers: This feature is found in accelerators and maximizer lotions. It is a sunless self-tanner that is mixed into the lotion for instant results. The trick is to give fake results while the skin tans underneath and plays catch up. Its best to find one that is streak free to avoid the orange or uneven look.

Hemp Seed Oil: This is added to many tanning lotions to help nourish and moisturizer the skin. A very beneficial and rich ingredient for hydrating the skin.

Body Blush: Very similar to tingle but without the heat and prickly feeling. Made for people who want the effect of tingle but have sensitive skin and low tolerance for tingle.

Anti Aging: These ingredients has properties and vitamins that protect the skin from premature aging.

Shimmer: This added feature give the skin a luminous glow. Some will have a glittery look.

Caffeine: Added to lotions to help reduce puffiness and energize the skin by reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Should not be used by people on caffeine free diets or sensitive to caffeine. It does absorb into the body.

Silicon: This is a mineral added to lotions to condition skin. It has moisturizing properties.

Beta Carotene: Vitamin A that supports pigment coloration of the skin.

DHA: This is usually found within bronzer lotions. It reacts with the skin to make a stain promoting a fake tan. It can be combined with other bronzers to enhance the skin and make it even darker. To reach a more natural bronze look select a bronzer that is DHA free.

Vitamin E: Renews and softens the skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Never use a product before your skin is ready for it. It's ok to use lotions to promote tanning but it shouldn't be rushed to the point of being a bigger risk. Tanning sun or sun beds increases the chance of skin cancer.

Tanning bed

The Dangers of Tanning Beds

There is more and more evidence that tanning beds can be dangerous. There is some hyperbole that a tanned skin is damaged skin, but for those that are outdoors during the summer can have a health tan, which comes from the sun.

But for those that use a tanning bed all year, just to maintain that so-called tanned glow all winter is not very healthy. Tanning beds can lead to over exposure of UV rays, and they do not provide any amount of vitamin D, like being out in the sun during the summer does.

There is enough worry today in 2017 about the dangers of tanning beds; many states like California have now outlawed the use of tanning beds for those under the age of 18.

According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, reports that the UV from tanning beds and tanning lights can increase the risk of melanoma (skin cancer) and are actually a cancer causing product.

Studies have shown that exposure to UV radiation during indoor tanning damages the DNA in the skin cells. Other studies have found that just one indoor tanning session can increase users’ risk of developing melanoma by 20 percent, squamous cell carcinoma by 67 percent and basal cell carcinoma by 29 percent.

Even more scary evidence from the Mayo Clinic has found that melanoma has increased eightfold among women ages 18 to 39 since 1970. "Melanoma is a new epidemic in young women," says Jerry Brewer, M.D., a Mayo Clinic dermatologic surgeon and author of the study, who admits even he was shocked by these findings. "Other studies have shown an increase, but this study found melanoma occurring in women 705 percent more often. It's astounding."

Other studies have found that tanning beds are twice as strong as the midday sun in the Mediterranean Sea. Another concern with tanning beds is that they can produce more than safe levels of UV, even though the tanning saloon states otherwise.

Tanning beds are just not worth the risks. In the winter when the sun is low and you don’t spend much time outside, there is no reason to have to maintain that summer glow, not with these types of risks.

Tanning beds are just not worth the risks. In the winter when the sun is low and you don’t spend much time outside, there is no reason to have to maintain that summer glow, not with these types of risks.

If you need to maintain some type of tan look throughout the winter months, there are safer alternatives like tanning lotions.

Use Vinegar To Defeat Athlete's Foot and Jock Itch

More and more people around the world are discovering the uses of vinegar (both apple cider and white vinegar) in the war on mold, mildew, and yeast problems around their homes. But it has another use that's quickly becoming popular too – curing athlete's foot and jock itch!

More and more people around the world are discovering the uses of vinegar (both apple cider from Bragg and white vinegar) in the war on mold, mildew, and yeast problems around their homes. But it has another use that's quickly becoming popular too – curing athlete's foot and jock itch!

What are athlete's foot and jock itch?

The terms “athlete's foot,” and “jock itch” are names of the conditions themselves, and not the fungus or yeast that causes them. It's actually a wide variety of yeasts and fungi that causes them. Athlete's foot and jock itch are caused by organisms called dermatophytes. The official names are tinea pedis (infection of the feet) and tinea cruris (infections of the groin or perianal area).

Why aren't traditional treatments for athlete's foot and jock itch working?

Most folks are led to use the common over-the-counter treatments with brand names such as “Lotrimin AF,” “Tinactin,” and “Lamisil.” While these treatments are satisfactory for many people, there are some stubborn cases that require something that doesn't only weaken the fungus, and then rely upon the body's own immune system. Sometimes it's a case of a stubborn, well-entrenched fungal infection. Other times it may be an issue with the individual's own immune system.

The advantages of using vinegar to defeat athlete's foot and jock itch

For those of us seeking a more immediate and permanent solution, vinegar comes through as the “hero-of-the-day.” It's relatively inexpensive. There are very few, if any, side effects. Best of all, it appears to work very effectively! Isn't that what any treatment should be about? If you're unsure about the safety of applying vinegar to any part of the body, by all means, consult with a medical professional first. This information should, in no way, be considered medical advice.

How to use vinegar in the war on athlete's foot

Using vinegar to battle athlete's foot is as easy as it is simple. Just apply vinegar full strength to the affected area and allow to air dry. Most folks do this a few minutes before their regular shower routine. In the case of treating athlete's foot, it's also advised to treat the shoes with vinegar to help prevent a recurrence of the infection. Allow the feet to air dry thoroughly before putting shoes back on. Always wear clean socks with shoes, if at all possible.

How to treat jock itch with vinegar

For jock itch, it's the same simple direct application of either apple cider, or white vinegar. Just spray it from a spray bottle onto the affected area or wipe it on with a paper towel. Use as much as desired. The main focus in treating either condition is to make sure the area is well saturated, with the vinegar, and the affected areas are allowed to dry completely.

For the treatment of jock itch, it's also crucial to only use a towel free of any mildew, as this can possibly replace any fungus recently killed off. There's a waste of time for anyone. The author feels it worth mentioning that they've tried this approach personally, and are extremely pleased with results obtained, in the attempt. Vinegar works quite well to defeat athlete's foot fungus as well as the fungus causing jock itch.


Personal Experience, and



Benefits of Soy Oil for Skin Care: How Soy Oil Can Help Your Skin

Like many natural oil, soy oil is a very useful oil for the skin health. Recent studies have shown us that soy oil has the ability to improve the skin health immensely. It’s a strong source of anti-oxidant nutrients and that is very helpful for keeping the skin healthy and young. Find out more about benefits of soy oil for skin care.

Organic soybean oil is considered very beneficial for the health. It is a rich source of linoleic acid, which is a type of omega-6 fatty acid. Soybean oil is high in monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat. It is also a cholesterol free oil. Soybean oil or soy oil contains vitamins such as B vitamins, Vitamin E and Vitamin K. In addition, soy oil is a great source of linolenic acid. Linoleic and linolenic acids help body to absorb nutrients, which is important for good health. Soy boil is a part of many beauty products including skin enhancing products. Ferulic acid in soybean oil plays important role in skin health. According to the studies, natural compounds of soy oil are extremely good for keeping the skin healthy. Read on to know more about benefits of soy oil for skin care.

Benefits of Soy Oil for Skin Care:

•  One of the major benefits of soy oil is that it’s a very good oil for protecting skin from UV rays. It is also a very effective oil for treating the damages done by strong sun. Soy oil helps to cure skin damage and gives it a healthy glow. Soybean oil is very beneficial in the treatment of skin damages which are occurred due to air pollution as well.

•  Strong anti-oxidant properties of soy oil are great for improving skin health. Vitamins in soy oil are the source anti-oxidants in soy oil. These anti-oxidant properties help to protect skin cells from free radical damage and keep the skin healthy and young. Soy oil is an effective ant-wrinkle and anti-aging oil.

•  Organic soybean oil is a useful oil for moisturising the skin. Vitamin E in soybean oil keeps the skin smooth and healthy.

•  One should only apply pure or organic soy oil (not commercially made soy oil) on face as facial moisturiser. Organic soy oil is mild and doesn’t cause any skin irritation.

•  Soy oil is very effective to remove skin blemishes including acne. Regular use of soy oil on skin can improve the overall tone of skin and make it healthier and youthful.

Thos are the important benefits of soy oil for skin care. According to studies, you should always use organic soy oil to get soy oil skin health benefits. Soy oil is also considered a healthy oil for hair. It improves the hair health by making it strong. Soy oil is an excellent natural compound for healthy skin and hair.

You can find many of these products through Dealsport.com.

Best Dermatology Clinic in Cebu City, Philippines

The Best Dermatology Clinic in Cebu City, Philippines, Best Dermatologist, Best Skin Clinic in Cebu and Best Face and Body Clinic in Cebu City can now be easily found in the Mall areas of the city. Skin Experts nowadays become more affordable to medium class individuals and even techier for high class and influential persons.

With the advancement of modern technology, Cebu City, Philippines has adapted to this vital change not only in terms of beauty and skin enhancements but more importantly for the various treatments and revitalization of skin disorders and problems.

Most Derma and Skin Clinics nowadays especially in Cebu City are now situated in malls and hotels for easy reference and convenience. These skin clinics are widely available to meet the needs not only for celebrities and high class individuals but also for middle class as well.

Among the widely known Derma clinics in Cebu City which can be considered as the Best Skin Clinic in Cebu City can be one of the following:

  • Belo Medical Group

Belo Medical Group is the leading derma group in the Philippines that cater not only to skin and cosmetic problems but also with beauty and body enhancements. Dra. Vicki Belo’s group has built the trust and confidence of various Artists and Celebrities in the Philippines in bringing out the best in their personalities. Now, they have extended their services to other branches including their Cebu City Branch which is located at Level 1, The Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu, Cebu City with Telephone Number (032)234-2356. Their services include Facials and Peels, Liposculpting, Cosmetic Surgery Procedures, Acne Management and Acne Scars, Skin Pigmentation and Melasma Treatments, Skin Rejuvenation and Anti-Aging Treatments and many others.

  • Slimmers World

Slimmers World offers the best in terms of fitness, face and skin services. They provide face and skin services such as Facial, Back Cleansing, Body Scrub with Salt Glo, Seaweed Mask or Whitening Mask, Milkbath, Nutracell, Ultralift, Vitaderm, Glycolic Acid Peel, Meso Rejuvenation, Laser Hair Removal, Laser Acne Treatment, Hair Removal and many other treatments. Their Cebu City branch is located at 2nd Floor Main Mall SM City Cebu which can be reached through (032) 236-2954.

  • Dermclinic Cebu

Dermclinic offers wide variation of services that cater mostly to medium and high class individuals. Their affordable prices significantly deliver quality services from words of mouth of their various clients. Their services include basic and advance facial treatments, Acne clear and peel, wart clear, Intense Diamond Peel, Fruit-based, Ultra or Blue Peel, Dermabrasion and others. Dermclinic is located at 2nd Level SM City Cebu, (032) 232-0752.

  • Ruiz Derma

Dr. Fe Mantua Ruiz has developed her expertise in terms of dermatology and cosmetic surgery when she pursued her career in California and finally opened her clinic in Cebu City to cater the needs of her clients. Ruiz Dermatology and Spa Services has 3 branches in Cebu; namely, SM Branch at 3rd Level, SM City Cebu, (032) 232-1435; Ayala Branch at Basement II, Ayala Center Cebu, (032) 234-2101, and Mactan Branch at 2nd Level, Marina Mall, Pusok, Lapu-lapu City, 0922-837-8631. Their services include Acne Treatment, Cucumber Facial, Honey Purifier Facial, Lemon Bleaching Facial, Diamond Peel Faical with Cucumber, Dermalift Facial and many others.

  • Let’s Face It

Let’s Face It aims to offer affordable beauty. Since beauty is basic, it should be enjoyed by individuals. Beauty boosts self-esteem and confidence of each person. Facial Treatments include facial cleaning and mask. Powdered mask can be seaweed, antiseptic, collagen or skin whitening masks. Soft mask can be pimple acne soft mask or Whitening soft mask. Other skin treatments include warts removal, skin peel and bleach, advance laser and others. Let’s Face It is available at 3rd Floor SM City Cebu, (032) 505-9468.

  • Flawless Asthetic Clinic

Flawless Asthetic Clinic is committed to develop skincare through the latest technology. They offer face, body and medical treatments. Facial treatments include facials, nano power peel, cosmelan, dermarollr, injectables, youth boosters, botox, pimple and scar therapy, wart and mole removal. Body treatments include, shape and sculpt, scrub, salt glow, back claning, waxing, sweatox, peels, laser hair removal and many others. They can be visited at 2nd Floor SM City Cebu , (032) 238-9605.

The Best Dermatology Clinic differs for every individual. Our skin needs are unique and should be taken special attention. Medical professionals and practitioners should be asked and consulted in order to know the appropriate treatments specific to the client’s needs. The list above serves as a guide for an individual to locate the Best Dermatology Clinic in Cebu City, Philippines.

How to Remove Self Tanner

Home remedies to remove self tanner

Oh no! I placed too much self tanner all over my body and now I look like a big orange what can I do? Self tanning lotions can get quite tricky with some, because if the self tanner is clear you really don’t know how much you’re really placing onto your skin until 3 hours later. By that time it’s too late to try to adjust the color or scrub it off, because the color has already soaked into your skin. Is there a way to remove the Orange tint from the self tanner or lighten it up without causing any harm to my skin?

Yes, there are actually a few home remedies you can use to remove the self tanner from your skin without causing any harm. One way to remove the Orange color from your skin is by using baby oil mixed with warm water. Fill up your bathtub half way with hot water. Make sure the water is hot enough that you see steams coming out, but not to the point where you will burn your skin. Then add a ½ bottle of natural organic baby oil to the bath tub. Mix this up. Place the part of your body that is Orange from the self tanner into the tub mixture. If the body part happens to be your face, belly, or chest then mix this mixture into a big bucket. Take a wash rag and totally drench it into this mix place onto skin. Leave this on your skin for 20 minutes. Then do this 3 more times following the same procedure with the wash rag. If you are trying to get rid of or lighten up the self tanner on your whole body place yourself into the tub mixture sit for 30 minutes. This mixture will lighten up the Orange tint, fix blotch streaks, and make your skin feel real soft.

The next home remedy to remove self tanner or get rid of the orange color is by using lemon and lime wedges. Cut up 2 lemon wedges, and 2 lemon wedges. Start squeezing the lemon wedge directly onto the desired area to be treated. Try not to get the juice anywhere else by placing a towel around the area to cover the other exposed skin that’s not being treated. Once you squeezed the lemon onto the area now start rubbing the lemon on the area for 4 minutes. Rinse off with cool water then do the same procedure with the lime. When you are totally done with all 4 wedges rinse off with warm water to wash away any residue. Then apply a cool rinse.

Third tip for removing self tanner is by using lemon juice mixed with kosher salt. Mix ½ cup of lemon juice with ½ cup of kosher salt. Mix this up. Then wear gloves and apply directly to the desired area. For best results use a loofa to scrub the mixture on with. Scrub for 10 minutes. Then rinse off with cool water.

Other ways of removing self tanners are baking soda with vinegar, baby wipes, vodka with toothpaste, or use a scrubber and scrub your skin gently for a few minutes to get the top layer of skin to come off.

5 Face Masks to Remove Skin Tan - How to Reduce Sunburn, Redness and Skin Tan

Easy homemade face masks to remove skin tan and lighten skin tone. These face masks will leave your skin feeling hydrated, fresh and luminous. face masks, natural skin shield, natural sunscreen, skin exfoliating, exfoliating agent

Long periods of sun exposure can not only result in dull, dehydrated skin but also rob it of its luster and shine. The harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun can make skin look darker than usual. If you would like to get back the original color and luster of your skin, try these five face masks.

1. Tomato Lemon Mask

Studies have shown that tomatoes have unique properties that help protect the skin from sunburn. Tomatoes contain lycopene, which helps prevent sagging skin while also acting as a natural skin shield against harmful sun rays. Lemon acts as a natural skin bleach which gently exfoliates the skin. To prepare this mask, simply blend one tomato with a tablespoon of lemon juice to make a fine fluid consistency. You could mix this fluid with any flour to give it a thicker consistency for easier application. Apply the mixture to affected parts of the skin, leave on for 20 minutes and rinse off with tepid water.

2. Milk Gram flour Mask

Milk contains lactic acid, which is a gentle exfoliating agent that also lightens skin. Milk is also high in its moisture content, which makes it very soothing on the skin. Gram flour has natural skin whitening properties and shields the skin against the sun. To prepare the mask mix in 2 tablespoons of gram flour with 2 tablespoons of whole milk. Apply on affected parts of the skin, and leave on for 20 minutes to half an hour and rinse off with cold water.

3. Yoghurt Honey Mask

Yoghurt is not only rich in lactic acid - which is a great skin exfoliating agent - but also has cooling effects on the skin. It has a tendency to extract excess heat from the skin and hence is great for sunburns and skin tan, burning and redness. Honey is a natural skin moisturizer, is anti-bacterial and soothes the skin as well. To prepare this mask, combine 2 tablespoons of plain, unflavored yoghurt with 1 teaspoon of honey. Leave the mask on for 15 minutes and rinse off with warm water followed by cold water.

4. Cream Turmeric Mask

The cream obtained from the top of boiled milk is extremely moisturizing and acts as a gentle scrub as well. Turmeric is a natural skin antiseptic and helps remove skin tan as well as lighten the skin. To prepare the mask, mix in 2 teaspoons of cream with a pinch of turmeric. If you have an oily skin, avoid cream as it can make skin oilier. Substitute cream with yoghurt instead. Apply and leave the mask on for 20 minutes. Wash with cold water.

5. Orange Peel Yoghurt Mask

Orange peels, like tomatoes, have natural sunscreen properties. Yoghurt, as mentioned before, has lactic acid which aids cell renewal and exfoliation. Grate the orange peel and dry in shade. Grind 2 tablespoons of the orange peel with 1 tablespoon of plain, unflavored yoghurt. Apply the mask and leave on for 30 minutes to an hour and wash with cold water.

When applying these masks, ensure that you do not venture out into the sun right afterwards. Since these masks aid in skin exfoliation, they increase the skin’s photosensitivity to the sun. Hence, it is best to apply the masks at night so the skin gets ample time to recover and heal.

Did Beyonce And Rihanna Bleach Their Skin White?

It's a simple question, or two specific questions in this article, did Beyonce bleach her skin white? Did Rihanna bleach her skin white? The answer is yes, they definitely did something, as you will see by these before and after photos, and I will discuss what they may have used and why they decided to use skin whitening products.

The question is this, and it's a bit of a gossipy type of thing to write an article about, but did Rihanna and Beyonce (among many others) bleach or whiten their skin?

The answer is obviously yes, and here are a few photos to prove what I'm talking about. To start with, let's take a look at a before and after shot of Beyonce's skin:

This photo not only shows a dramatic difference in skin color, but also apparently shows evidence of a nose job, which is getting off the subject a bit. 

This isn't the most flattering photo anyway, but it shows a very pronounced difference in the skin tone of Beyonce in only a few years. 

Regardless if she looks like a blond haired white girl sitting next to Jay Z her husband, you can't deny that she is one of the most successful ladies in music generally, or for that matter in life generally, and so whether you think the bleaching of the skin was a good idea or a bad idea, it certainly did nothing to hold her back from stardom. 

Rihanna Skin Bleaching

Now to get to the photos of Rihanna and her skin bleaching treatments, the before and after pictures will show exactly how she changed. By the way, I'm not trying to say that lighter or whiter skin is better, or more beautiful, it's just something that happens in Hollywood, from Michael Jackson, to Beyonce to Rihanna, to news anchors, movie stars, porn stars, just regular every day people, in fact skin lightening is a huge industry. 

This photo shows a pretty dramatic change in just one year from being a totally dark skinned African woman to being almost completely Caucasian in appearance. 

It hasn't affected her fame, in fact some would actually argue that she was told to do this by experts in the music industry who argued that a woman of that dark a skin color could not be as much of a smash hit on the charts as a woman with lighter skin. 

It could be argued that president Obama could not have entered the white house if he had completely black skin, it's just too much of a difference to make white people completely comfortable, even on a sub-conscious level. 

There are many reasons why people use these skin bleaching products, and you can learn more about the actual process from this informative Wikipedia page on skin whitening. 

Most of the over the counter or online brands use either glycolic acid, arbutin, or Kojic acid, and all of these things are safe, it's just a matter of finding a trustworthy company to buy from, who provide the right sort of support and directions on how to apply the cream. Olay makes skin whitening products as do other companies.

You can go to a cosmetic surgeon to get these products applied, although that can cost a lot of money. You can see a doctor and get a prescription cream, but that usually leaves you with a cream with an active ingredient which is not safe to be prescribed without a prescription, such as hydroquinone. 

There are home remedies, but you must be aware that for the most part, they are either a waste of time, or even dangerous or deadly. You must do your homework carefully, choose a company that provides a quality product, and learn what results you can expect from using the cream over an extended period of time, and how to apply it correctly to get the best results. The links on this page should help you find out this information. 

5 Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Whiten Skin - How to Lighten Skin Fast At Home

Lighten skin naturally with these easy, cost-effective herbal home remedies. Whether it is a sun tan or excessive skin darkening, these treatments are safe and effective. Get the skin you always desired without spending money on expensive skin whitening treatments. All the treatments are herbal and use natural ingredients found in your home.

For some people skin whitening assumes importance because they need to even out their skin tone. For other people, it could be for a reason as simple as removing skin tan. Whatever be the reason, these five remedies will help you get back your original skin color.

  1. Milk and lemon skin bleach: Take a glass of boiled milk. Add the juice of one lemon or lime to it. Let it sit for a few minutes. Soon after, the milk will curdle because of the acids in the lemon or lime. Once this happens, add half a teaspoon of glycerin to the mixture. Apply this mixture all over the body and especially on areas that you wish to lighten. Lactic acid in the milk along with the citric acids in the lemon juice will help whiten and brighten your skin safely.
  2. Egg white and honey mask: Take one egg and separate the egg yolk and the egg white. Add in a teaspoon of honey to the egg white and whisk the mixture gently until it becomes slightly firm. Apply this mixture to the face, avoiding the delicate eye area. Keep the mask on until it dries or the skin starts feeling taut. Take a damp washcloth and dab over the face until the mask starts softening. Rinse with warm water and splash cold water afterwards to close the pores. Egg white tightens the skin and gently removes tan while honey is a natural moisturizer and antiseptic.
  3. Cucumber egg white mask: Take one cucumber and extract the juice in a blender without removing the cucumber skin. To this juice, add in one egg white and blend again. Apply this mask to all areas of the skin that you wish to lighten. Leave it on for about 15-20 minutes and wash off. Cucumber is an excellent skin whitener and the egg white removes blackheads and whiteheads while tightening skin at the same time.
  4. Potato juice: Take a potato and peel off the skin. Grate the potato and then extract the juice. Apply this juice to the face and any other areas you wish to lighten. Potato juice acts as a mild skin bleach. Remove the juice after 15-20 minutes by rinsing with cool water. Do this treatment twice a day for about a month and then repeat once a week for best results.
  5. Tomato yoghurt mask: Take a tomato and pulverize it in the blender. To this juice and pulp, add in about two tablespoons of plain unsweetened yoghurt. Greek yoghurt is the best choice as it is thick and in its most natural form. Apply this mixture to the affected areas of the skin and leave it on 15 minutes. Rinse with cold water. Yoghurt has lactic acid, which naturally lightens skin and tomato contains lycopene, which has been known to prevent sun burn while lightening skin.

Please note, all these are herbal treatments and hence need to be carried out consistently in order to see results. However, since these treatments do not contain any chemicals, they are perfectly safe for the skin.

Dark Underarms: Common Causes of Dark Armpits

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A dark underarm can be described as a condition wherein the skin under the arms has a darker hue, as compared to the rest of the body. It is indeed a common beauty ailment which can be treated simply by adopting correct cleaning routine.

Women suffering from dark underarms usually avoid wearing sleeveless tops and dresses as dark armpits cause lot of embarrassment and awkwardness. Well from now on stop bothering your self because of the dark armpits, and get set to tackle this beauty ailment.

In order to get rid of dark underarms it is very important to understand the common causes of dark armpits. Read on to learn about the top beauty sins we do unknowingly, which lead to dark armpits.


If you clean your armpits by shaving them, then you need to stop this cleaning method right away. Shaving the armpits is one of the most common reasons for dark armpits.

Under arms become dark due to the growth of thick hair under the skin. Shaving makes your hair growth thick which leads to dark armpits. Put a stop to your shaving exercise to clean your underarms.


Alternatively simply opt for waxing. It is one of the best treatments to whiten underarms as it helps to remove the hair from the roots. When there is no hair left under the skin, the underarms look neat and clean. Regular waxing also helps to reduce the hair growth immensely.

Dead Skin Build up / Improper Washing

If you do not clean your underarms properly they will obviously appear black and dark. Dead skin will build up and will make your armpits look dirty. Therefore it is essential to scrub your underarms at least twice a week religiously, to stay away from building up of dead skin.

While taking your shower devote some extra time in cleaning your underarms by exfoliating them with a scrub, this will surly help to get rid of the dead skin. Scrub your armpits with a pumice stone regularly to avoid dead skin build up.

Flabby and Sagging Arms

If your arms are flabby and sagging, this could be a reason for your dark armpits. Due to the constant rubbing of the skin against the skin, your underarms turn dark. Therefore the only remedy for you, is too shed few pounds and get your arms in shape. 


Friction is one of the main culprit causing dark underarms. You need to stay away from polyester or synthetic clothing, and choose pure cotton clothing instead. Also stop wearing very tight blouses and tops to avoid friction. Friction darkens the underarms to a great extent.

Hair Removing creams

Hair removal creams also cause dark underarms because hair removing creams remove the hair only from the surface and leave the roots of the hair, in tact under the skin.

Hair under the skin makes your underarm appear dark. The chemicals used in the hair removal creams are also not good for your skin. Cleaning underarms with hair removal creams is easy but the result is dark underarms and increase in hair growth.

Hyper pigmentation

Hyper pigmentation can also be a reason for dark underarms. You can have hyper pigmentation by hereditary. The best thing to do for hyper pigmentation is to check with a skin specialist to get the right treatment. 

Antiperspirants and Deodorants

Harsh or strong deodorants and antiperspirants usually irritate and aggravate the skin immensely leading to dark underarms. A regular use of deodorants and antiperspirants results in underarms discoloration. Therefore simply minimize using them and use only when you really need to. Make a habit of washing your armpits in the night to get rid of the chemicals from deodorants. Avoid excessive use of antiperspirant roll-on but choose for anti-fungal powder instead or alcohol free.

By now you know the different causes leading to dark underarms. To treat dark underarms naturally by using household remedies check

Underarm Whitening: Tips to treat Dark under Arms

Get set to whiten your dark armpits and go shopping to buy those beautiful sleeveless tank tops and dresses which you have been dreaming about. Happy shopping and get set to expose your underarms boldly!