Freeze24-7 Review - Skin Care Review & Comparison (2012)
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Freeze24-7 Review - Skin Care Review & Comparison (2012)

6 billion per year is spent on skincare alone in the United Staes, according to ABC News, “About Face” series. Companies come and go claiming their product(s) will promote flawless skin, erase lines and have speedy results. In other words, it is a competitive market. Freeze 24/7 is here to stay. Devoted to keeping their promise that their products must live up to their claim, Freeze 24/7 is an online store featuring products focused on the cutting edge with latest research in skincare technology. Their mission is “to be at the vanguard of product development.” If Botox and other invasive injections are not an option, Freeze 24/7, with a logo "Nature, not Needles" might be the perfect alternative:

 Products offered: 

Celebrities that have used their products include:

  • Maria Shriver
  • Hilary Duff
  • Penelope Cruz
  • Sharon Osbourne
  • Halle Berry

Features that Freeze 24/7 offers:

Freeze24-7: What makes it different?

Freeze 24/7 is unique claiming their products are “instant skincare.”  Honored awards, such as the Enterprising Beauty Award and being recognized by Cosmetic Executive Women, a prestigious industry organization, prove Freeze 24/7 is being noticed for their innovation. They are safe, effective products with no side effects and different from most creams due to the ingredient list. Freeze 24/7 uses GABA, gamma amino butric-acid which has natural, muscle relaxing compounds, to promote instant results. They have isolated GABA and concentrated its potency for surface applications.


  • Advanced, sophisticated technology
  • No testing on animals and no animal by-products
  • Product effects last for 24 hours
  • Simple packaging


  • Some dermatologists and plastic surgeons still skeptical
  • Not enough deep layer testing completed
  • Effects of products are short term
Freeze24-7 vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Freeze24-7)

Perricone MD was established by Board Certified Clinical and Research Dermatologist Nicholas Perricone. He is also the author of many New York Times best selling books on skincare. Perricone MD focuses on cosmeceuticals, creams that decrease wrinkles, which he claims are caused by cellular inflammation. Perricone MD products can be purchased in authorized retail shops or online. The company’s philosophy focuses more on a holistic approach with an anti-inflammatory diet coupled with supplements, a spectrum of vitamins and minerals possessing anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties as well as topical creams to reach optimal skin performance. A skincare specialist is available online to discuss skin matters. Dr. Perricone has a very informative blog, offers free shipping and gives out samples with orders.

StriVectin was introduced in 2000 by industry giant Klein Becker. StriVectin’s claim is using peptides called matrixyl, protein particles that synthesize collagen, that are crucial for maintaining structure and firmness. The cream started out as a “stretch mark” cream but eventually found remarkable results on areas of the face. StriVectin may have side effects for some, including rashes and headaches. The website is generous with samples and if not completely satisfied, a refund is offered.

All 3 companies offer skincare products with unique ingredients. Whether it's vitamins, peptides or GABA, the companies are a perfect alternative for those that are not open to Botox, Restylane and other invasive treatments. Prices are on the higher end, but all companies offer safe, effective and Dermatologist tested products that result in flawless skin.

Freeze24-7: Pricing & packages

Freeze 24/7

  • Skin Glace Daily Detox Cleanser and Mask uses a patent pending self-foaming technology that uplifts debris from the surface in order to detoxify and cleanse then supposedly injects oxygen to give the skin a flawless appeal. Daily use--3.3 oz.-- sells for $65.
  • Ice Crystals Anti-Aging Prep and Polish is non-abrasive and can be used daily. Improves lifeless, dull skin. $65--2.5 oz.
  • Ice Cream Double Scoop Intensive Anti-Aging Moisturizer is a potent and effective treatment that makes skins supple and fights free radical damage. $105--1.7 oz.

Perricone MD

  • Nutritive Cleanser is a gentle, daily cleanser formulated with DMAE. $39.00--6 oz.
  • Glycolic Bars come in a set of 3, being a multi-tasker containing glycolic acid and olive oil. Exfoliates and cleanses.$76.
  • Deep Moisture Therapy is an anti-oxidant cream. Makeup glides nicely over cream. $85--2 oz.


  • Replenishing Cleanser not only cleans but also restores natural oils and moisture. $29--4 oz.
  • Retexturizing Instant Scrub has been awarded the Allure Best of Beauty Exfoliant clearing away dead skin cells. $29--3.3 oz.
  • StriVectin Repair Cream is intensive and concentrated. $135--5 oz.
Freeze24-7: Product images & screenshots
Freeze24-7 Coupons
Freeze24-7: Customer reviews & comments

Positive Feedback from Freeze 24/7 website:

“Freeze 24/7 is magic!”--Maria R.

“I have tried other products and wasted money. I am blown away with results.”-- Danielle 

 Positive Feedback from

“I have had great results with their anti-wrinkle cream. It relaxes the muscle above my brow and give me a smoother look most of the day.” --Happy Customer

“Better than most, but not the best. I noticed a bit of reduction around my eyes for about an hour. The product is good for a quick fix.”--Suzanne

Negative Feedback from

“I would give zero stars if possible. Product did not work for me.”--Anonymous

“This product didn’t work for me. I followed instructions but saw no results.”--Deanna 


While Freeze 24/7 claims to be a devoted company substantiated with science, their products may be an option for those that can’t handle invasive injections. The down side is the results do not last long. It is a great quick fix, but may be priced too high for what a consumer wants. Further testing would benefit the company who may be at the tip of an iceberg, no pun intended, for a new direction in skincare technology.

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A detailed review, nice work Cheryl!

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