Gentle Exfoliation Keeps the Skin Looking Radiant and Beautiful

Regular scrubbing and exfoliation of the skin has immense benefits. Exfoliation works like an instant ‘pick-me-up’ and proffers lifelong benefits.

Plainly put, exfoliation means getting rid of the cells and tissues that are on the surface. It eliminates the topmost layer of dead cells from the skin.

Lightly cleansing and scouring the skin is one of the ancient and long-used skin care treatments; and significantly, has the undivided support from dermatologists and skin care experts. Over exposure to the sun can result in tanning of the skin which in turn makes the skin dark. Regular exfoliation of the skin is considered beneficial in the management of skin tan.

How does Exfoliation Improve the Skin’s Texture?

Specialists say, optimal exfoliation drives out dirt and grease, decreases surplus surface oil, gets rid of dead cells and releases blackheads.

It helps make flaky, rough, leathery, sun-damaged skin appear younger, cleaner and healthier. It generates a wonderful radiance to the skin. This occurs because of increased blood circulation and cell regeneration, both of which greatly augment the skin’s texture.

Notably, after exfoliation, the skin cells soak up lotions, moisturizers and creams a lot better. This additionally softens and nourishes the skin.

What’s more, exfoliation has been used effectively in the treatment of various skin ailments, like, eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis.

Regular and mild scrubbing assures delaying of the signs of aging and diminishing the emergence of fine lines and wrinkles, occurrence of age spots and altered skin tone.

Opt for the Best Exfoliating Agent

Exfoliation is actually a vigorous treatment. Thus, it is extremely vital to select the correct exfoliating agent and the most suitable method that will be appropriate for one’s skin type.

Oily and mixed skins require an out-and-out exfoliation, once a week; whilst, dry and sensitive skins need exfoliation once in 20 days. (For dry and sensitive skins, rub on a few drops of Almond or Wheat germ oil, and then scrub. It offers better results.)

Home-Made Exfoliating Scrub Recipe

Synthetic scrubs contain chemicals and are likely to be harsh. They remove the skin’s natural oils. Scrubs that are made from natural ingredients are perfect.

Walnuts, orange rinds, lemon rinds, oatmeal, pumice stones and natural loofahs have always been preferred. Here’s a formula for making an effective scrub that cleans, tones and nurtures the skin.

Almond and Oatmeal Exfoliating Scrub

Ingredients required:

  • 2 to 3 almonds powdered coarsely
  • 1spoon oatmeal
  • 2 spoons honey

Almonds and oatmeal have a de-greasing effect. They lightly scrub and eliminate dead cells and dirt, and give the skin a brilliant glow. Honey hydrates and moisturizes, and works well for all skins.

Use the scrub in a fluid, circular motion to exfoliate the face wholly. It is useful as a whole body scrub as well. Wash off with cold water.

Exfoliation is unquestionably the fundamental element of a skin care regimen. Caring for the skin is exceedingly rewarding. It instantaneously enhances the appearance of the skin and helps ward off the unpleasant and ugly signs of aging.


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