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Remedy Advanced Skincare is a range of natural skin care products for all parts of the body at affordable prices.

Remedy Advanced Skincare started out as medical products and developed into other products when healthcare professionals, upon seeing the results, expressed interest in having these products for their own use.

The products include both health care and cure and products that many people find good as everyday products. 

One example is Remedy® Skin Repair Cream with Olivamine®, which is intended as “relief for dry, cracked or peeling skin due to sunburn, radiation therapy, or other dry skin conditions” is also used to great effect as a  daily skin moisturizer. Unlike many health products, the prices are not prohibitive and remain affordable as daily treatment for people looking for a good, effective product.

The products are dermatologist and clinically tested, and in many cases are recommended by health professionals. Each product has a list of ingredients which include such natural items as; Aloe, Apricot Kernel Oil, Calamine, Sunflower Seed Oil and Menthol, to name only a very few.

Not only are these products a great thing for people who are suffering from an illness, but also healthy people looking for a wholesome alternative.

Even a simple thing like a broken leg can cause bathing difficulty, and Remedy Advanced Skincare has “Medline Remedy ® with Phytoplex ™ Hydrating Spray Cleanser”, which requires no rinsing and therefore is suitable for any condition – even camping, where water can sometimes be a problem.

The site is user friendly and products are available under the headings, skin type, medical condition, hair care, face, feet etc, although some features were not working properly at the time of this review.

Remedy Skin Repair Cream  Photo 2 Remedy Skin Repair Cream

Remedy Advanced Skincare: What makes it different?

Olivamine is a “break through product” and came about when Hydroxytyrosol, (from olives) was combined with amino acids and Olivamine is the basic ingredient for all the Remedy Advanced Skincare products.

There is a page about the ingredients, explaining what they are, what they do and where they come from, but in such a way the any customer will understand for example, Hydroxytyrosol shows a picture of Olives, L-Proline shows honey and so on. Under each item you can see the products that contain these ingredients, but clicking these tabs only shows the same four products for every ingredient. The best way to see what is in each product is to click on the product ingredients.

Fresh Wave® Continuous Release Air Freshener is non-toxic. Many people are not aware that the majority of air fresheners contain harmful chemicals, so a healthy alternative, at a low price is an advantage for any household.

Remedy Antimicrobial Cleansing Spray (4 oz.) photo

Best Available Remedy Advanced Skincare Coupon:
Remedy Advanced Skincare vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Remedy Advanced Skincare)

Remedy Advanced Skincare

It is hard to find another site selling products like there. There are many health care products and other organic products, but the two combined with an everyday item for people with no health care needs, does not easily show up in searches.

Saffron Rouge

Saffron Rouge is a site selling organic beauty products. They offer two free samples when you spend over $50. this is a good idea, but the price is a bit steep, as many shops give samples to any customer, to try and encourage them to return.


ReJuveness is a site that sells products to treat scars and encourage then regain their natural texture. The “buy button” appears without a price, so this company assumes visitors will automatically buy their products. Clicking the picture does bring up more information and a price, but it could and should have been before the buy button.

Remedy Advanced Skincare: Pricing & packages

There is one odd thing about the Remedy Advanced Skincare site. When you look at a product the prices are in a drop down list and depend on size – but show the price on the site plus or minus an amount for each other size. If this sounds complicated here is an example; Remedy® Skin Repair Cream with Olivamine®, 4oz $7.99 – then 2oz -$4, 32oz +$16 – instead of saying 2oz $3.99, 32oz $23.99.

Remedy® Skin Repair Cream with Olivamine®, 2oz $3.99, 32oz $23.99

Fresh Wave® Continuous Release Air Freshener, 8oz $5.99 

  • Saffron Rouge Foot Balm, 2.6 oz is $9.95, while 4oz of a foot balm is $5.99 on Remedy Advanced Skincare
  • ReJuveness Hyper heal scar cream is $49.95 for 0.70 oz, while a scar reducing cream on Remedy Advanced Skincare is $4.19 for 2oz.

There is quite a substantial difference between the prices on Remedy Advanced Skincare and other similar sites.

The containers are simple, and this has probably contributed greatly to the low prices.

Remedy™ Nutrashield Skin Protectant

Remedy Advanced Skincare: Product images & screenshots
Remedy Advanced Skincare Coupons
Remedy Advanced Skincare: Customer reviews & comments

Customer reviews are very hard to find outside of the Remedy Advanced Skincare site. On the site there are many products that give the number of reviews and rating, (normally 5/5), and, although it says “read reviews”, when you click, nothing happens.

Searching for what customers had to say about Remedy Advanced Skincare products and service only brought up these two comments:

“Best skin care products - Remedy offers natural skin care products. Featured skin care products include dry skin and sensitive skin lotions as well as anti-aging remedies.”

“The Medline line of skincare products, called Remedy, is a complete program of nutrition for the skin.”

honey ingredient image

Best Available Remedy Advanced Skincare Coupon:
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Excellent, well researched and written review as usual.thanks

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I apologise that the links are not working, but this has to be done by Factoidz administration – I do not have the authority to remedy this error.

This is good post related to skin care.Saffron will be very beneficial for skin care.

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